I am here to empower you and your team!

To help you to discover superpowers of Procurement Professionals!

Some background

Did you know that according to the APQC report soft skills are the most in-demand skills specified by procurement managers, followed by business ethics, communication, stakeholder management, and relationship building?

                                                  "the skills future procurement professionals need most

are those that help them build relationships with internal stakeholders and suppliers,

make difficult judgement calls, and translate business needs into procurement decisions.” 


At the moment procurement teams do not hold their strongest position in the companies, as decision makers do not appreciate the value of procurement and burden us with various expectations.

What even worse we as a procurement professionals often see ourselves as passive contractors of the tasks entrusted to us ... However, we have amazing superpowers, such as purchasing techniques and tools that we are forgetting: ourselves, teams, suppliers or ... money that we manage!

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Who am I 


I am Diana Najtkowska-Sapryk: a business practitioner and buyer, with >14 years of experience in international companies, in strategic and operational procurement teams, working at specialist and managerial positions.

I am the owner and founder of ProcureMe: training company which serves a support in skills development for all procurement professionals.

I created ProcureMe, because I noticed that there is a big gap in procurement competences, especially in soft skills which are nowadays highly demanded.

As a soft skills and procurement freak, I know that my experience and skills are exactly the once my customers need.

I truly believe that together as a Procurement Experts and Best Practices Ambassadors, we will win the battle for the strategic purchasing function in the company, as a Business Advisors.




The uniqueness of the ProcureMe offer

Nowadays, the procurement department is not only to bring value to the company through savings, it is also to create value through cooperation with other departments, support companies in transforming the business model, manage risk or manage innovation, thus building a company's competitive advantage on the market.


Did you know that:

  • there are researches which estimate that by 2050 more than 70% of the procurement team's activities will be performed by artificial intelligence?

  • procurement talent development is not adequate in developing the most important skills for the future? 

  • the most important skills for the future are not job-specific(!)?

  • procurement leaders will not have the resources to develop the next generation of talent, because most senior executives are still focused on procurement’s cost reduction and risk avoidance capabilities rather than its more strategic and value-added benefits? (more

I strongly believe that technology cannot replace people,
especially from business relationships. 
For this reason, the development of soft skills is extremely important,
they distinguish us from machines and allow us to build the position of an expert.


From my point of view procurement professionals role will evolve and soft skills will grow in importance each year.


Thanks to my practical experience gained in business and consulting projects that I run, I offer you unique trainings, a combination of job-specific and soft skills development programs, which have already been used by many clients of international companies. 

It is worth to remember that:

  • We as a procurement world need to prepare ourselves for our role evolution, to make it as smoothly as possible, without a need to revolutionize it under time pressure.

  • It is important to be always one step ahead, develop our talents, strategic thinking will allow us to be better prepared for the challenges of the upcoming months.

                   If you are interested in more details about trainings, please contact me

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